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The Bulletproof backpack created by Ralvek Secure is a combination of capacious equipment and life protection in case of danger. It can serve police officers, soldiers to carry equipment but also civilians in everyday life.


Laced inside; removable bulletproof Kevlar inserts protect the back from gunshots and knife attack. The design of the backpack, however, allows in case of a life-threatening situation to protect the front part of the body as well.


By pulling the straps attached to the front of the back, we activate the part of the backpack which automatically jumps onto the chest. Additionally, the upper flap of the backpack can serve as a shield in case of direct life-threatening attack.


Protection of life and functionality in a capacious backpack, which will prove useful in many situations. Danger usually appears unexpectedly, so having such a protection is very important.


Its low weight makes it can be used by men, women and children. it can replace the traditional school bag.


We have deigned our products to distribute the weigh evenly in the best possible way so that you do not feel any strain when wearing our bulletproof products

- Protection IV resist to MSC bullet weapons: 5.56 N.A.T.O, 5.45 RUSSIAN, 7.62x39 KALASH AK 47 etc...up to 7.62x 51 N.A.T.O

- Protection IIIA resist to 44 magnum

- Protection IIIA soft 100% Waterproof Kevlar { poly aramid} USA Army standard

- Protection KR2 resist to attack with butcher knife

- Total weight with plates IV approx. 7kg

- Weight with Kevlar protection approximate 3.5g

- Weight without Kevlar protection approximate 1.5kg

- High quality textiles

- Upper Strong textile

- Level IV IV resist to MSC bullet weapons: 5.56 N.A.T.O, 5.45 RUSSIAN, 7.62x39 KALASH AK 47 etc...up to 7.62x 51 N.A.T.O)

- Level IIIA (protection against 357S1G and 44 Magnum according to Nlj 0101.06.

- Weight of the bulletproof approx. 3kg.

- Total weight with plates IV approx. 7kg

- Anti-knife KR2 for resist to attack with butcher knife.

- Weight of the IIIA anti-knife bulletproof vest: approx. 3 kg

- Product certified according to “Oeko-Tex® Standard 100”


This BULLETPROOF BACPACK protects against all guns and weapons .


Our BULLETPROOF BACPACK has been tested in IV plates optional with bullets of AK 47 which is one of the most powerful bullets that can be fired from a weapons. The BULLETPROOF BACPACK also certainly protects against smaller weapons and guns.


The normal class IIIA BULLETPROOF BACPACK protect against almost all handguns, our optional KR2 protection also protects against knife attacks.


This bulletproof BULLETPROOF BACPACK can protect you in all conditions and from almost all types of attacks


      One size of Kevlar plate

      One size of backpack 45 litres




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