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Bulletproof Protection and Stylish Look

When we think of bulletproof clothing, the first thing that comes to mind is a bulletproof vest. The kind worn by bodyguards, policemen or the army. Wanting to be safe on a daily basis, it is rather hard to imagine normal functioning at work in such a bulletproof vest. Of course, all eyes will be on us. Protection against gunshots and knife attacks can now be safe and discreet.

For whom we created our bulletproof collection?

Ralvek Secure has created a modern range of bulletproof clothing for everyone-men, women and children. The garments, which look just like those we wear every day, have Kevlar IIIA magnum 44 protection.

How does Ralvek Secure bulletproof clothing protect?

Each model of Ralvek Secure's anti-weapon clothing has Kevlar bulletproof plates.They are housed in internal pockets fastened with discreet zippers. Two bulletproof plates on the front and one on the back. They protect the most important parts of the body. On the front, the kevlar plates overlap, maximizing organ protection.

Bullet protection and a discreet look. How to combine it?

Kevlar used in the production of our garments is a high quality, soft and flexible material. thanks to the use of this technology, bulletproof plates perfectly adapt to the shape of the body and do not stand out.
The garment is lightweight and designed in the best possible way so that you do not feel any strain when wearing our bulletproof products.
This allows protection against guns and freedom of knitting.

Do you want to be protected against bullets and stylish at the same time?

When designing our bulletproof collection we put protection first. However, a stylish and elegant look is equally important to us.
That's why you will find products from us that are sure to satisfy your fashion requirements. You will find your style among the many bulletproof models offered by Ralvek Secure.
We choose only high quality fabrics: wool, satin and leathers.    
Our bulletproof clothing is entirely designed and sewn in Europe.
So as to satisfy the highest quality to our customers.