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First Worldwide Bulletproof Woman Dress

Is bulletproof clothing reserved exclusively for men?

We associate traditional bulletproof vests with police and security services. For the most part, bulletproof clothing in such cases is worn by men. However, more and more women are joining the ranks of such services and they also wear bulletproof vests dedicated to them.

What about bullet protection for women who want or need to look elegant?

Wearing a traditional bulletproof vest under an evening dress is hardly a successful experiment. That's why Ralvek Secure has designed the World's First bulletproof evening dress with Kevlar Protection IIIA 44 magnum. Kevlar bulletproof inserts are hidden inside.

How does the bulletproof gown protect?

The upper part of the dress has a corset made of Kevlar bulletproof material. It protects against gunshot and knife attack. The bullet-proof inserts are located in the inner pockets, which are fastened with discreet zippers. The bullet-proof corset protects the most important organs. It consists of a front and back section.

Does the Bulleproof Dress look good?

Our bulletproof dress is first and foremost designed to protect life and health. While designing it, of course, we kept in mind to meet the aesthetic high demands of our customers. The gown consists of a lace blouse, in which removable bullet inserts are placed, and a long trouser. We used elastic Kevlar, which perfectly adapts to the shape of the body. The removable inserts are lightweight, so you can move freely in the dress without embarrassment.

What occasions have we created a bulletproof dress for?

A stunning evening ball gown for a true Bond Girl, Actress, Music star or every woman want to feel beautiful and safe. Now gorgeous look and Kevlar Protection IIIA 44 Magnum you can have in the same time. Your safety is the most important for Ralvek Secure.