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Military Bulletproof Jacket

Why we need bulletproof protection?

The possibility of being shot or attacked with a knife does not only occur on the battlefield and during war. The world is becoming more and more dangerous and bullet protection for yourself and your loved ones seems to be a necessity at the moment.

The rate of shootings and shootings on the streets, in workplaces and schools continues to increase.
The untold number of shooting victims is a frightening picture of our times.

How can we protect ourselves from being shot or attacked with a knife?

Providing bullet protection is a priority for Ralvek Secure. Our collection of bulletproof clothing is a variation of Kevlar safety.
We have used Kevlar IIIA bulletproof inserts for 44 magnum protection.

For whom military bulletproof Jacket?

Designed by Ralvek Securek bulletproof military jacket can be used both by soldiers, police officers and other uniformed services. it is also ideal for lovers of military style, travelers and amateur expeditioners.
It is made of extremely durable water- and windproof material. it has an additional sealing layer on the inside and Teflon coating on the outside. Thanks to this jacket can be used in extremely harsh conditions. At the same time, it is lightweight.

The jacket has a strong metal zipper on the outside, as well as a front pocket. Inside there are bulletproof Kevlar inserts. They are housed in discreet zippered pockets in the lining. Thanks to this, in this jacket no one around you will notice that you are wearing a specialized garment protecting your life. The bulletproof inserts can be very easily removed and the jacket can be cleaned
Our bulletproof military jacket with kevlar inserts is NIJ certified and has passed ballistic tests.

Can the Kevlar Bulletproof Inserts Jacket be worn on a daily basis?

Of course, yes!
The applied bulletproof Kevlar is flexible and adapts perfectly to the shape of the body. Thanks to this, the protection is very discreet and allows you to use the garment freely.
Thanks to this you can perform your duties without restraint and be protected against bullets.