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Bulletproof classic vest for businessmen,invisible protection and good looks.

A classic vest for businessmen,invisible protection and good looks.

In the U.S., where both the frustration level and the availability of firearms are high, shootings happen from time to time (according to statistics, there have been about 200 in the last 44 years in New York alone).
Shootings take place not only on the streets. Also in schools and workplaces.

How to protect yourself every day from the possibility of a shooting?

The best protection is, of course, a bulletproof vest. Wearing it every day, however, would catch the attention of co-workers or ordinary passersby.
Ralvek Secure has met such needs. We have created a bulletproof vest, which in appearance and functionality is identical to a classic suit vest.
It can be freely worn under a jacket and perform your daily duties.

How does the bulletproof classic suit vest protect against gunshot and knife attack?

Our bulletproof vest has Kevlar inserts hidden inside the pockets. The pockets are concealed in the lining and fastened with discreet zippers.
The bulletproof vest features two Kevlar inserts in the front and one in the back.
They protect the most important organs of the human body.
The high clasp of the vest hides the bulletproof inserts, so no one suspects that we are wearing bulletproof clothing.

Does the bulletproof suit vest look good?

Thanks to the use of high-quality, elastic Kevlar bulletproof material, the vest adapts perfectly to the shape of the body. In appearance it completely corresponds to the classic version of the jacket. You can feel comfortable and be protected at the same time.
The bulletproof vest has passed tests and is NIJ certified. It is Kevlar IIIA 44 Magnum and Anti knife KR2 protection.

For whom the bulletproof suit vest?

The purpose of the bulletproof vest is vast.
It can be worn by both men and women. It is a great element of a classic look.
It will work well in many stylizations. Both to a traditional suit and casual street style.
Thanks to the bulletproof vest you will stay true to your style, but most importantly you will protect your health and life, which has no price. And this is precisely for Ralvek Secure is the most valuable.