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Bulletproof Bombers Jacket-secure and style

Bulletproof bomber - what kind of jacket is it and what to wear it with?

The men's bomber jacket as we know it today is derived from the classic pilot's jacket. Such jackets were worn by pilots of military aircraft since the First World War. Like many other uniform items, the pilot jacket also penetrated men's fashion.


The bomber jacket as we know it today is the younger sister of the classic pilot jacket. Most textile models are devoid of a collar. The lack of sheepskin insulation makes it a great men's transitional jacket. Bomber jacket in this style first appeared in Hollywood movies from the golden era of cinema. The styling of James Dean or Steve McQueen very quickly gained the recognition of men around the world. And for good reason - the bomber jacket has many advantages that have not lost their value to this day. The jacket offers comfort and a typically masculine aesthetic, which is appreciated by subsequent generations.


The bomber jacket is a real "must have" in casual men's and women's fashion.


That's why Ralvek Secure decided to include this model in its collection of bulletproof clothing.


What advantages does the bomber jacket have? First of all, it is as comfortable as your favorite sweatshirt. The bomber jacket has a very loose fit, so it does not restrict movement. The length of this jacket makes it ideal for driving. It won't crumple, as it ends just a few centimeters below the waist.

It works great when styled with a t shirt, polo shirt but can also replace a jacket.


Bomber jacket is a jacket for lovers of sporty elegance. Its cut allows you to make small adjustments to the proportions of the silhouette, this is also worth noting. It does not divide the silhouette in the same place as a suit jacket, so it optically lengthens the legs


If your Style is all about casual or sporty elegance, our bulletproof bomber jacket is made for you.


We used highly flexible Kevlar bulletproof inserts in it. They are located in the hidden inner pockets of the jacket, which are in the lining. The bulletproof Kevlar inserts can be freely removed and the garment can be washed.


Thanks to this, you can be protected from gunshots and enjoy the freedom of your activities.

We used three bulletproof plates in the bulletproof jacket. one large on the back and two smaller ones on the front of the bulletproof jacket. From the frontIf casual or sporty elegance is your style, our bulletproof bomber jacket is made for you.


We used very flexible bulletproof kevlar inserts in it. They are placed in the hidden inside pockets of the jacket, which are located in the lining. Inserts with a clasp, the inserts partially overlap, maximizing the protection of the heart.


The use of the latest Kevlar bulletproof technology allows you to protect life on a daily basis. This material is both lightweight and very effective. Their placement is designed to balance their weight and function freely.


Our mission is to protect life. however, we want you to feel comfortable and not have to give up your everyday stylish look.

Stay Safe ansd Stylish with Ralvek Secure